Kumyolz is the industry specialized debt collection company with functional medium to large clientele. This involves the complete and comprehensive chasing of debtors and collection of dues from the start to end of the process. We normally work both from our main offices but particularly from the clients' offices.

We tend to have most of our staff working directly at the clients on a full-time or even part-time basis and we ensure that through adequate monitoring of our staff and co-ordination of efforts between our onsite and back-office staff, we aim to achieve the best possible results which no business, we feel, would achieve by employing their own in-house members of staff.






we take over and handle the full process of commercial debt collection & recovery reducing the in-house fixed costs to variable cost-effective costs, and deliver a market related service. We give a comprehensive package which includes trained employees chasing debtors who are also supported by our lawyers, consultants, finance specialists and our affiliation with both local and international leading credit monitoring institutions. Our agreed consultancy work, legal work and affiliations are not extended as a cost to our clients but are presented to our clients as part of our service offer at no additional cost.



Our specialized staff is capable of performing full customer/debtor checks through our association with credit monitoring institutions, and we are therefore able to advice on credit lines & limits which should be provided to our client’s customers. We offer a unique debt collection service that saves you time and money, by collecting customer dues and offer peace of mind through our reliability and a long list of clientele dating back since 1998.


Our corporate offering package includes a free legal assistance with a proven winning formula. Our legal letters and proceedings help to guarantee our effectiveness of collections and we endeavor to limit any possibility of bad debts. Our lawyers come with more than twenty years of corporate legal experience with proven good track records over the years. We guaranty you much success and a piece of mind with great return on investment.


We offer corporate financial management trainings amenities such as: Daily Financial Records Managements, Monthly Billing Records Management, and General Financial Templates Development. This includes an Kumyolz financial expert’s full-time deployment to the client's offices for the duration of the contract's period; we do this with an aim to empower your staff to be able to deal with the similar problem the next time the company finds itself in a similar mishap.

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