We stand by our philosophy of service and delivery beyond all else and pride ourselves on providing outstanding expertise, professionalism and client service. As an outcome-driven company we ensure the ICT and our debt collections solutions, and recommend focuses on our client needs – specifically being able to meet budgetary, timeframes and functionality requirements, most importantly the ROI. Kumyolz is vendor-neutral, meaning that the recommendations we make are not influenced by any commercial arrangements - we find the best financial services, ICT and Debt Collections solution for our client's specific needs. We are not only committed to building sound and lasting partnerships but delivering best practice standards and performance.


About Us


  • Kumyolz philosophy is to introduce high quality daily business information communications technology solutions to operational corporations in various markets, and consulting to customers with an emphasis on service by striving to exceed all expectations. This unique philosophy has allowed Kumyolz to grow swiftly whilst keeping pace with the rapidly developing ICT and financial management companies in the Industry. Our operating model focuses on the basic view that ICT Solution as a relevant skill and strategy, is vital for online hacking Shield, Online Marketing and Presence, Brand Promotion and Development. Hence we have packaged various ICT applications seamlessly integrated to address each business challenge and requirements. Through this approach, our clients are guaranteed that the solutions we design and implement, will give them the maximum return on their investments. Our company also designs, develops and implements the most appropriate cost effective business solutions model for the global business village.
  • The company also ensures that the necessary skills are transferred for empowerment purposes and as well as for smooth implementation processes. Our business model ensures us that, if there is no measurable business value for any solution deployment, therefore, it is not a solution. Through our world-class strategic partnership and our unique business models that have grown our clientele over the years, we jointly guarantee you the return on investing on all business solution that we tailor make for your business; before embarking on the project. Once the solution is deployed, we continuously measure the realization of ROI as one of our fundamental post- mplementation interventions.

    To deliver world class agile ICT Solutions and Financial Management Services through leveraging our secret to refresh the world, deliver value and make a difference.


    - We strive to assist and enabling customers to do excellent work and facilitate growth by - Leveraging our empowered human resource to deliver world class and cost-effective solutions - Exceeding expectations and adding real value to all our stakeholders - Remaining true to our values - Empowering the world - Forming strategic partnerships with key stakeholders - Forging and developing sustainable relationships with local
    community - Empowerment and development of local individuals and industries


    “Business solutions with a niche”


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